Swain Band

Swain County Middle & High School 
                  Band Program

Swain County High School Band Members will be performing in the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Memorial Ceremony along side students from the  U.S. and Japan!

Please consider  donating to help our band students participate in this mass band event and be a part of history as we remember and honor those who served our country.  

We will fly out on Saturday December 3, 2016 and fly home on 

Thursday December 8th.  

Remaining Trip Payment Dates:

May 31st 

June 30th

July 31st

August 31st

September 30th 

October 31st

November 30th 

Hotel Link: http://www.pacificbeachhotel.com/


If you are planning on traveling to the Pearl Harbor event this December on your own and would like to attend the remembrance ceremony where your child will be performing, a ticket is required.  For information on how to purchase your ticket please contact Julie Richards.  She has information and has also has a small Swain group organized!  She is happy to help make sure you get to see your child in performance!   

Julie Richards - [email protected]